Giest Victorian Setting

Revamping the site

Its about time but I’m going to re-do the wiki for the game. I should be finished by next week….

I hope. O_o

BTW about krew names. Have you guys decided? I got the list off from twilight portal. Once everyone decides on a name, Ill put it up on the wiki.

Crimson Crown
Twilight Council
Iluminati Consilium – Latin for enlightened council
Venatores Spectris – specters hunters
Spectra Dominus
Spina Nocte
Spina Mortis
The Crown and Spectre
The Black Crown
The Crown and Scepter
The Crown of Thorns
Corona Spinarum
Corona Spinea
Corona Spina
Corona Mortis
Spiritum Corona
The Keepers of Shadow
Shadow Walkers
The Night Watch
The Shades
Fabricati Diem
Fresh Start Club



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