Giest Victorian Setting

Spider from Mars swag

– Animal Tooth (primeval)
– Murderer’s Tooth (stigmata)
– Artist’s Tooth (passion)
– Madman’s Tooth (phantasm)
– Sailer’s Tooth (tear-stained)
– Miner’s Tooth (grave-dirt)
– Witch’s Tooth (pyre-flame)
– Tooth from a Person who fell to death (cold-wind)
– Tooth from a Person who died in a ditch (stillness)
- Tooth from a Person who was crushed in a factory (industrial)

- Warm bottle of misty like water
- Bright and shiny yellow water

- Blue Blanket:
Key – Passion (+2);
Choke – Strength + Athletics

- Rusty Red Manicles:
Key – Primeval (+2);
Frenzy – cost: 1 plasm = +1 atk. Go All-Out – +4 atk, No Defense. Lasts 1 scene

- Hunting Cap with a hole:
Key – Pantasm (+2);
One Step Behind Fetter – cost: 1 plasm. Touch target and know where they are/going. Lasts 1 scene. Spend willpower to extend duration beyond scene.

- Deathmask from the Spider From Mars – shoots webs



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