Aiden Walker


His Geist: The Souless Desire

Before and after krew binding.


Real Name: Aiden Weller
Age: 23

Aiden Weller was adopted into a the Walker family after the tragic passing of his parents when he was but a baby. The Walker family belonging to the upper crust of English society has many business ventures that include trading goods from India and utilities. They his adopted parents were also philanthropists running some of the orphanages in London.

Aiden grew up with his step sister Casandra and his older brother Aidan. The three were inseparable.

At the age of 13 something tragic happened to Aiden. His brother Aidan attacked Casandra. Aiden was mortally wounded and killed by his brother. During his brief death, Aiden had accidentally struck a deal with something and had been brought back to life. He re-awoke as a sin eater and he lost his memory of everything before and during the attack.

Aiden’s wounds were treated by Dr.Marion Cross. Dr.Cross was also a sin eater who had decided to suppress Aiden’s visions of the other world. He had given him a death mask that took the form of a pair of glasses. This death mask suppressed Aiden’s contact with his Geist and had blocked off his ability to see the twilight and ghosts.

Ever since then Aiden has been plagued with nightmares. He was helped by Esme Weatherwax who sold tonics that sometimes would give Aiden dreamless sleeps.

Ever since the incident things were never the same. Aiden’s brother Aidan went missing. Nobody in his family mentioned his older brother Aidan nor the incident. Cassandra was being groomed to take over the family business. He was told that he was unfit to run the family due to both his hysteria and due to his poor physical condition. Dr.Cross would visit every year to check up on Aiden.

Aiden went to Cambridge and finished with a bachelor of arts. He excelled at classes that relates to logical and deductive reasoning.

He now lives in a comfortably in a townhouse with his live in maid Mary Ridley. Aiden does consultancy work Scotland yard and sidelines as a crime scene photographer.


Recently through his adventures as a sin eater, he uncovered his past. He originally had an older twin brother who died along with his real parents. His older twin brother’s ghost had possessed him when he was thirteen. He had gone on a mad rampage. His brother’s ghost had assumed the name Aidan and had attacked Casandra using Aiden’s body. Dr.Cross had managed to remove the ghost but was unable to capture or kill Aidan.

Aiden’s brother Aidan had managed to appear in the world of the living as a living human being. He has attempted to discredit his brother.

Aiden Walker

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