Edward Worthington


Geist: Emma Lockhart

Geist after Krewe Binding: The Mother Advisor


Edward James Lockhart was the son of Emma Lockhart, who worked as a Governess for the Worthington family. Teaching young Victoria Worthington and taking care of the young Edward was a difficult job for Emma. She had to keep Edward away from the eyes of her employers and those of the upper social classes as questions would certainly arise as to the origins of Edward. Emma prevailed, however no matter how difficult it was, she managed to raise Victoria and Edward well enough. Edward had developed an excellent reading skill, was very well with numbers and arithmetic, but when it came to languages he could only barely survive with the French basics. Boys will be boys however, and Edward did manage to befriend Alexander, from the prestigious House of Savoy. The two boys went through thick and thin, and when there were parties, Alexander was known to sneak away and wreak havoc with Edward on unsuspecting party goers (also added to the list was teasing Victoria until she burst to tears). It wasn’t until Edward’s 12th birthday where everything fell apart. Emma had finally decided to tell him who his father really was; her employer, Mr Edward Worthington himself – who Edward was named after. Knowing this type of news would shock the Worthington family and put them in disgrace in their upper social circles – and also to keep Emma’s job, Edward keeps the secret.

After that summer, Edward was left with no friends (Alexander went off to a prestigious school) and worked as a stable boy while Emma continued with Victoria’s education. The secret leaked out however, when Edward decided to try moonshine from another stable helper and poured all his secrets out in a haze. Gossip raged throughout the household and eventually reached the Worthington family. Mrs Worthington, fired Emma and threw both of them out of the manor. The elder Edward Worthington, confronted Emma with the rumor and once confirmed managed to secure a small cottage on the outskirts of London. It was there Emma was murdered by “unknown assailants” although whispers were said that it was both Edward Sr and wife who plotted Emma’s death. Edward was alone at the age of 24. With odd jobs here and there he lived out a meager life and although he could have turned to his friend Alexander for help, he decided not to bother him as he didn’t even want to be in the same social circle as his hated father.

Meanwhile, at the Worthington manor, it is clear that Edward Sr has no heir. Not wanting to give his position to some bastard son, he named his nephew Albert his successor in his successful business (shipping/import/export business). Before that could happen, he had to quell the rumors and get rid of the younger Edward. Albert, well known in social circles as a very cruel and unkind individual took it upon himself to pay a couple of thugs to murder Edward and leave his body in the alley.

Edward should have died. But his mother told him to get up and get ready for things to come. Getting up, he finally starts going towards Alexander’s place to tell him something that could possibly make him look insane (not sure what Alexander’s reaction was to Edward’s story, I’ll leave that up to Krystal). With the help of Alexander (that sneaky cad) Edward confronts his father in the middle of the night and frightens him. Filled with rage he stabs and slashes both Edward Sr and his wife with a nearby saber and blames the murder on Albert. Keeping the saber, Edward claims his spot as sole heir of the business (as the paperwork has not been done on time to make Albert heir) and the whereabouts of Albert is unknown. Edward relies on advisers to run the business and spends most of his time with Alexander finally knowing how it feels to have a lot of money and having a well known family name behind him. However he prefers to be called Edward Lockhart.

Edward Worthington

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