Esmerelda Weatherwax


Geist: The Seer of Exarchs

Geist (after Krew binding): The Nemesis (The Exarch enforces the division between flesh and spirit.)


Name: Esmerelda Weatherwax

Age: 46

Esme Weatherwax was born to a family of mystics. The most famous is her grandmother Sarah Aching who was rumored, but never proven, to be a witch. As a your girl she herself had a ‘sixth’ sense. Sometimes she saw fleeting apparitions, felt cold chills, or a tingly feeling at the back of her neck.

Oddly, when she told her mother, she didn’t react with surprise. Instead, she told Esme it was “okay” and showed her the book collection that she had always told Esme she was too young for. Also, her mother handed her a curious stick of charcoal in a small metal tin and told her to always take good care of it.

One thing that made Esmerelda Weatherwax stand out from the rest of her family was her very sharp mind. She never forgot anything.

She had trained as a midwife under Gytha “Nanny” Ogg. She in turn became a successful midwife. The first birth she attended was that of Emma Lockhart’s first child, Edward Worthington. She also sold tonics to help poor little Aiden Walker deal with his nightmares.

People believe she must know juicy gossip since she helps with births of all kinds, legitimate or not. But secrets are not for a midwife to tell. When asked for specific details, she either replies coyly, “Well luv, I couldn’t rightly remember. There’s so many woman that I’ve helped” or outright, “Don’t you go bein’ so rude. That en’t any of your business, and you’d do well to remember that!”

She thinks of her role as “smoothing out life’s humps and bumps” and “helping people when life’s on the edge”

Aside from her training as a midwife, Esme is also a successful writer voraciously studying her books, hunting for new/used ones, as well as going to the local library to study. She has successfully written books in a wide variety of topics ranging from horticulture, medicine and even penny-dreadfuls.

When Esme learned all she could from her mentor, she left London due to “family reasons” She moved back in a cottage in the countryside which belonged to her family. There she helped the local populous through her many talents. She still contributes to a paper in London.

One day Esme was returning home from the woods in the early evening. She was walking along a path that skirts a deep ravine. She almost didn’t see a snake that appeared in front of her. It coiled and tried to strike at her, but she clumsily dodged to avoid it. She lost her balance and tripped on a large branch instead. Esme fell over the edge and tumbled into the ravine, hitting her head on the rocks below.

It was below that ravine where Esme met the Seer of Exarchs. There they made a deal which brought Esme back to life.

Unlike most people, Esme has had time to think about her death. She has always been observant during her walks in the woods, hardly ever missing a creature even if she couldn’t see it. And the odd thing was, she could have sworn that snake wasn’t there before. It was like it appeared out of thin air. The stranger thing is the snake was an Indian Cobra.

Esmerelda Weatherwax

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