Giest Victorian Setting

Revamping the site

Its about time but I’m going to re-do the wiki for the game. I should be finished by next week….

I hope. O_o

BTW about krew names. Have you guys decided? I got the list off from twilight portal. Once everyone decides on a name, Ill put it up on the wiki.

Crimson Crown
Twilight Council
Iluminati Consilium – Latin for enlightened council
Venatores Spectris – specters hunters
Spectra Dominus
Spina Nocte
Spina Mortis
The Crown and Spectre
The Black Crown
The Crown and Scepter
The Crown of Thorns
Corona Spinarum
Corona Spinea
Corona Spina
Corona Mortis
Spiritum Corona
The Keepers of Shadow
Shadow Walkers
The Night Watch
The Shades
Fabricati Diem
Fresh Start Club

Spider from Mars swag

– Animal Tooth (primeval)
– Murderer’s Tooth (stigmata)
– Artist’s Tooth (passion)
– Madman’s Tooth (phantasm)
– Sailer’s Tooth (tear-stained)
– Miner’s Tooth (grave-dirt)
– Witch’s Tooth (pyre-flame)
– Tooth from a Person who fell to death (cold-wind)
– Tooth from a Person who died in a ditch (stillness)
- Tooth from a Person who was crushed in a factory (industrial)

- Warm bottle of misty like water
- Bright and shiny yellow water

- Blue Blanket:
Key – Passion (+2);
Choke – Strength + Athletics

- Rusty Red Manicles:
Key – Primeval (+2);
Frenzy – cost: 1 plasm = +1 atk. Go All-Out – +4 atk, No Defense. Lasts 1 scene

- Hunting Cap with a hole:
Key – Pantasm (+2);
One Step Behind Fetter – cost: 1 plasm. Touch target and know where they are/going. Lasts 1 scene. Spend willpower to extend duration beyond scene.

- Deathmask from the Spider From Mars – shoots webs

Esme's Dream

Giant thumb + Annoying Spider = CRRRRUNCH
(Cue booming maniacal laughter)

Edward's Journal #1

From the Journal of Edward Worthington;

I am finally out of the underworld and back into the Worthington Estate. So much has happened that it would take me a month to write all the events down. To sum things up; we need to stop Lady Madonna. How? I’m not sure. She seems to be all powerful, even more powerful than Granny Esme (why I say this? because I’m sure if she had the means, she’d crush Lady Madonna like a spider with her thumb).

I’m also concerned with Nellie’s well being. She’s been hearing things that aren’t there. If it worsens I’m not sure whether I should just release her onto the streets again or end the misery in the must humane way possible by giving her laudanum daily. Yet perhaps there’s a supernatural explanation for this and before I resort to the Savage Science I’ll consult with otherworldly solutions first.

Speaking of Nellie, I am now, the Richest Man in England (pip pip! huzzah!) the company has been doing wonders and I’ll have to thank my barristers for running itso efficiently. This is now a good opportunity to invest in Granny Esme’s products and see what takes us from there. Ah, I digress. Now that I have this new fortune, I’m sure Nellie is going to be trying to either: 1. Get herself pregnant. or 2. Attempt to get married to me by any means. I have no interest in both of those options. Now I’m not sure how much Nellie knows about this news but I know it displeased her that I didn’t want any offspring. Why would I? I saw how much of a nuisance I was to my so called father and I don’t think I want to go through that myself. (I don’t think it helped much with Alex being there every day he did take a toll on everybody’s patience). Despite this, I still love Nellie, there are times when she taxes my nerves, but I still care for her (even though she acts like a needy harpy). I think I’ll be giving her a bit of money to have her spend on clothes. Maybe if I do that she’ll forget all about the offspring/marriage issue.

Also concerning the money issue; I can just hear the calling cards coming in. I don’t want any visitors. Once these people in these social circles smell money they flock to it like vultures and harpies. I could do without that. I’ll ask Esteban to deny any visitors and that I’m a recluse. Or perhaps Victoria can act in my name instead (god forbid!).

Victoria came to the Estate today to tell me of a certain Guild (I forget its’ name, but I’m sure they’re of bunch of wanks) who are after my head thanks to dear old Albert. I thought we got rid of him. I’m sure we framed him good. I thought we did everything perfect. I’ll have to get Aiden to investigate this further. He has some belief in the Savage Science that might help him (I’ll never understand that. He probably would frolic with the indigenous population if he had the chance). Victoria hasn’t changed, she’s still a tart and a cheeky one at that. I hope her carriage breaks down in the mud. Yet I appreciate her information. I wonder if she plans to stay longer? I hope not. She’s a burden. This is where I need Alex , he was able to try her patience hard enough to make her leave.

Speaking of Alex.


I digress again. I think I’m going to go back to my Haunt. I need to rest.

End of Journal Entry.

Edward's Graffiti Board Part II

I, Edward Worthington am now The Richest Man of England ohohohohohoho!

Aurous Penwrym needs to be completely buggered and knackered. Preferably by that savage Oneironaut. I think they both are fit for each other.

I wish everybody would STOP asking me where Alex is. I DON’T KNOW SO BUGGER OFF!

Considering this newfound wealth, I’m concerned with Nellie. She needs not to know!

Testing, Take Three
Hmmm looks like we can use this as a discussion forum!

Esme is now an almighty witch!! Ohohohoho!!!

Testing Take Two

Esme has a knight! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Edward, Take One

just testing this, feel free to delete after.

Edward Worthington scribbles on the log:

“God Save the Queen!”

“Aiden Walker smells like cabbage!”

“Edward + Nellie = 4-Eva”

“Father MacKenzie must rot!”

“Damn the French!”

“Alex and Edward = Bros 4-Eva”

Edward leaves and goes to the corner to brood.


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