Gwalchavad the Meager

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Gwalchavad the Meager is the son of Elaine of Corbenic, the daughter of King Pelles, the Grail King. He is renowned for his gallantry and purity. King Pelles, with the use of magic, tricked Gwalchavad’s father into thinking that his daughter was his father’s lover.

Even though he was known as a bastard, he strove to keep the virtues and his code of honor paramount in his life. But due to bad luck he was unable to complete his quest to find the holy grail.

In death, the wanted to accomplish where he failed at, being able to finish a quest. Hopefully he may be able to help his current lady Esme.

He is currently in the world of the living anchored in a suit of flesh crafted from the flesh of a dead whale.

Gwalchavad the Meager

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