Our Heroes

Crimson Crown

God created everything. Afterwords he left his creation to its on devices. But before going he had granted sovereignty to gifted people. These people were to advance those who were of lower status. The lower status were to aid the ones of higher status as best as they could.

The world and the underworld were created to house the living and the dead. The living were to be productive and enjoy life. There betters were to protect them but they were to be served. Those who failed at their tasks or had regrets stayed as an echo. The louder echos or ghosts can be found in the real world while the weaker ones are in the underworld. The underworld represents echos of the past and thus all echos are real. There is no final destination. No afterlife. The echos are put in their proper place where they descend deeper into the underworld. There they reach oblivion. Nobody knows what oblivion is since nobody has returned from it.


Must always look for what is best for people.

  • They are not to be taken advantage of unless it benefits the majority.
  • Never set anyone on the wrong path.
  • The living come first before the dead.


  • Govern the living and the dead. The living must live their lives to the fullest while the dead must reach closer to oblivion.
  • Treat others with respect, reward those who are just and punish those who are treacherous
  • The ruler must reap the rewards for help those of lower station
  • To explore the underworld and find out what oblivion means


  • The krew will set an accord between the living and the dead. They will rules both realms as kings and queens. But with consequences. Like all leaders they will grow corrupt. All good leaders do. Its another form of death. In which, there betters would have to put them down by force.

Our Heroes

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