Sarah Aching

Sarah was a very powerful and influential sin eater. She had discovered rituals by by dealing with many Keriboi. She had given a lot for hidden knowledge. But she was betrayed. Her student Susan Ballion Lady Madonna had killed her for her book. One which she learned a very powerful ritual.

The demise of Sarah is very confusing. Her geist the Mistress of the Mirror would assume the image of someone you were looking for but with a face of agony. On her death her geist was killed by being roasted in a hellish kitchen in the underworld.

The King of Pain was looking for her but saw her geist the Mistress of the Mirror. He thought that she was killed there.

Her book is now in the possession of Esme. It was handed to her by Lady Madonna; who told her that she had finished learning from it.

Sarah Aching

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